Zimmer or Hotel What is the most worthwhile?


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Even though there are more hotels in Israel than in recent years, their occupancy is declining, mainly due to the decline in the number of foreign tourists visiting Israel and vacationing, and also because the costs are higher than what the vacation takes. Almost no new hotels were built, and because of falling demand, hotel owners are reluctant to make renovations that cost a lot of money. In contrast, a large part of the bed and breakfasts in the north and south of the country were built following the failure of agriculture in Israel. More and more farms in the moshavim were bankrupt and they had to find a new source of income. The bed and breakfasts were welcomed by many vacationers and buildings in the economy were converted into guest rooms.

Hotel or B & B?

Deciding what to choose a hotel or bungalow is in the hands of the customer. After examining all the required information and the costs required in both cases, he will decide what is good for him and for the family members who will accompany him.

Benefits of a B & B

Vacationers who take a vacation in the Zimmer have all the privacy they need. The responsibility for cooking meals applies to them. They are the ones who take care of family members according to their age. The cleanliness of the rooms applies to everyone in the Zimmer. B & B owners can provide all of these services in advance order and at an additional cost. Bed and breakfasts are usually built in rural landscape whether it is in kibbutzim or moshavim. It is possible to combine the stay in the Zimmer with tours in the area on various sites. No parking problem.

The advantages of a hotel

Most hotels are situated by the sea. Each has a swimming pool, spa, entertainment and employment rooms for children. No need to worry about meals. At the hotel, you can eat three meals a day in advance and you can skip one or two meals, eat outside the hotel and maybe even save money.

Around the hotel or a short distance away there are entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants, museums, historical sites and more.

B vacation rentals in Israel

B vacation rentals Israel is a tool for vacationers looking for shortened ways to find a hotel or Zimmer available for a close. The information published by the B vacation rentals in Israel allows the vacation to choose the appropriate and comfortable for him and choose the manner of existence of his vacation in the most cost-effective manner.

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