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Rose ATVs – Razors, Druze accommodation and ATVs for children

Reiser tours and jeeps, Druze accommodation and a professional ATV for children in the spectacular jungles of the Galilee for a fun and enjoyable day out in the outdoors for the whole family.

Travel tours

  • Self-driving in state-of-the-art extreme vehicles, through natural woods, reservoirs and streams, for families, couples and groups looking for exciting and crystallizing activity in the clear air and the magical, wild and lush nature of the Galilee. 
  • Landscape ATVs download new, elaborate, powerful riders that travel easily on a steep, quaint mud, water ponds and flowing streams, making driving the terrain an exciting and fun experience all season long! In winter, rain suits and gloves and summer are refreshed on a wet or dry track passing through one of the unique streams and reservoirs – in any case, you will be back crystallized, energized and happy !
  • Rose Landscape Travel offers a selection of varied, safe, and enjoyable hiking tours in breathtaking, hour-to-hour views that include coffee and Druze tea as part of the warm hospitality and Druze hospitality experience.
  • The tours are accompanied by a tight and professional guide and personalized for participants who choose a trip in a pastoral and peaceful atmosphere to a fast and challenging extreme level .

Hiking trails to choose from

  1. Little Switzerland (Monfort Lake) The length of the route is
    Hurricane Village Cave (karst cave 40m deep), Druze village observation in the Upper Galilee, the oak tunnel made of natural woods, the steep and challenging pine grove, the Monfort Lake view overlooking the lake, looking further down the road Beautiful, cedar cedar oaks and pines and more 
    Landscape ATV rides at the main entrance to Kfar Vradim offer varied, safe and enjoyable pastoral walks and breathtaking views .
  2. Rocks Park Route – The length of the track is an hour and a half
    from the site towards the Rose Village Cave (karst cave 40m deep), orchards of Yanu Village through the Cedar Blessing (full season water lake), travel in the lake and experience the experience of traveling in the lake and water, heading towards The Tapan industrial zone travels through the olive groves of the Druze villages until they reach the unique rock park with their natural rocks and structure. From there they return to the Tapan observation point, which overlooks the Upper Galilee and the High Mountains to the Lebanese Mountains. From there back to the site .
  3. The Amazon grove – the length of the route An hour and  
    half drive on an extreme route with a natural grove that embraces the route almost along its length, reaches an ancient well filled with rainwater. The water well is a vantage point for the entire Galilee mountain range, the Druze villages and the western Galilee seats. Continue on the spectacular trail until reaching the Amazon rainforest, walking for three minutes in the wild woods until reaching the secret pool located in the clearing at the center of Mount Senna. A rock-hewn pond surrounded by a natural grove covering the mountain
  4. Beit HaEmek River Trail – The length of the route is two hours
    passing through the cedar pool and from there to Beit HaEmek River (Wadi Elmjanuna), this season traveling in a stream flowing in the water. Overlooking the Druze villages on the Jat and Yarqa coastal plain, a distribution overlooking the Mediterranean from the Gulf of Haifa to Acre, through a winding, steep and wadi Almanjuna route to the drainage of groundwater flowing along the Elmjanuna River in spectacular scenery, through natural woods and olive groves .
  5. Snow Snow Snow – Mount Meron Beit Jann – Runway 5 hours
    on snowy days You can book a custom-made trip where you can experience driving in snowy areas with fun stops for snow play .
  • Hosting Druze

At the site complex, at the point of departure and end of the itineraries, there is an authentic Druze hospitality tent that offers Druze pita with white and zatar or rich breakfasts and lunches as requested by the King. Pastoral seating areas are scattered throughout the site where you can enjoy Druze accommodation or picnic independently . 

  • Professional ATV track for children 

Extreme motor experience for children in professional electric ATVs from 4 to 14 years 
Fun self-driving an ATV in a lane with advanced and safe tools  

  • Fun days ATV Roses landscape specializes in grouping days for groups of up to 150 participants, travel tours and jeeps where Druze accommodation, hiking and ODT workshops are fun and formative.

 Self-driving travel tours for license holders aged 20 and over

  • Suitable for all ages toddlers with car seat safety
  • Disabled access
  • Corners to light barbecue and picnic tables available to travelers on the riser.
  • Pre-registration activities
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