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In the western Galilee in the Cabri Moshav near Nahariya stands a farm as an alliance, an amazing horse farm for an exceptional field experience.

The pasture in which the horses stay covers a huge area of ​​500 hectares. At night the horses are free and in the morning return to pasture.

  • Riders who want to go horseback riding will enjoy one-hour, two-hour and two-day trails. 
    The riding is accompanied by a strict guide only.
  • Trips are available for groups of up to 15 people, trips for lonely and loving couples.
  • The tours are suitable for children over 10 and adults up to 100 pounds. 
    The hiking trails pass through a forest near the Kabri settlement where there is a view from the Carmel to Rosh Hanikra, a view of the Mount Tire ridge, the Keshet cave and more.
  • Two-hour tracks stop for spectacular scenery and enjoy sweet herbal tea. 

    Hours: Sunday to Saturday 
    from 10 am until dark.
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