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Gypsy Sea Gypsy Tours (Ziv Bridge)
Gipsy C will take you to a fun challenge, where you can feel the adrenaline in driving an experiential challenge. 

A field trip in professional Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps and some are open and some are closed.
The trips are suitable for groups, families, grouping events and couples who want to fulfill a dream and make it a reality and enjoy a trip they will never forget.
The trip can take you from the starting point to Kibbutz Gesher HaZiv, but the highlight is that the trip can start from wherever you are, the drivers arrive with the jeeps to pick you up from the same hotel or lodge where you are staying.
A selection of riding routes in the Western Galilee-
5 routes that pass through Kabri Stream, Nahalat Nahalon, Nahal Snail, Rosh Hanikra, Avdon and more. 
There is a stop on the way to herbal tea / coffee and light refreshments.
The length of the route starts from two hours, but can also take up to 6 hours.

Please find out prices in front of the owner varies by route and number of vehicles (in each vehicle between 6-8 people depending on vehicle) 
* Please do not call on Saturday.

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